10 useful habits you can form in 66 days

10 useful habits you can form in 66 days

It takes 66 days to create and reinforce a new habit. Is that a lot or a little? It depends on how motivated you are. What drives you - the desire to change your life? Well, then you have a good chance. The habits listed below may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, they make a big difference.

1. Pick three or four priorities every day.

This is probably one of the most effective strategies for staying productive. Focus on what gets you results, gets you closer to achieving short-term and long-term goals.

But how do we stay focused when something or someone keeps distracting us throughout the day? The answer is simple: by limiting our choices. Every morning, outline what you want to get done for the day, and then focus on doing three or four small tasks. Did you manage to get anything else done? Great, consider it a nice bonus.

2. Read for at least an hour each day.

We're too busy for that, and some people just don't like to read. Still, that's such an excuse, because reading helps you think and articulate your thoughts better. If you start doing it every day, you'll probably soon stop hating the activity, and maybe even love it.

3. Sleep 7-8 hours every night

There is no task worth depriving yourself of sleep over and feeling tired and broken all the next day. Some people claim that 4-5 hours a night is enough for them, but, firstly, it is not clear how the lack of sleep affects them in the long term, and secondly, these lucky people are clearly not the majority.

It's time to start taking your own sleep seriously, it's the key to your health and productivity

4. Walk at least half an hour a day

Can't commit to a walk for at least 30 minutes a day? Alas, that probably means you're not in control of your life. Movement, fresh air, and a chance to switch it up is good for both your body and your psyche.

5. Exercise regularly

And, if possible, involving different parts of the body and muscle groups. About the benefits of physical activity are written in thousands of articles, let's not repeat them. The minimum to which you should aspire is three workouts a week.

6. Eat Right.

Many nutritionists and nutritionists today recommend interval fasting, but you can switch to it only if you do not have any health limitations. In any case, before making any serious dietary adjustments, it is worth consulting a doctor, or even several. Still, there are a few general helpful rules: avoid fast food, snacks and sweets, consume as many vegetables as possible, and drink clean water.

7. Be in the moment.

Most of the day (and eventually life) many people wonder "so, what's next?" instead of enjoying the current moment. We wait for the cherished "then" when we can supposedly achieve all our goals, solve all our problems, become richer, healthier, more beautiful. It seems that only then will we be able to feel happy.

Our lives are so spent dreaming about the future. Find something that will bring you back to the present

8. Free to give love.

Many people treat their ability to love as a dwindling resource, but in reality this source never runs out. Give to others as much as you want: your love, attention, care, warmth - you won't get poorer from it. And stop expecting anything in return.

9. Write for at least 30 minutes a day.

Even if you don't dream of a writing or journalism career and your work has nothing to do with writing, it can be a powerful practice: it helps you focus on what's important to you and formulate your thoughts better.

10. Set aside 30 percent of your income.

If you can't afford it yet, start with at least 10%. It's not so much the percentage that's important, but the regularity. Go through your expenses and eliminate all unnecessary and superfluous expenditures. By setting aside money regularly, you'll build a "safety cushion," and you'll be able to start investing. All of this will add to your confidence in the future.