How To Promote Your Blog In 2022

How To Promote Your Blog In 2022

Promoting a blog is necessary if you want to make money from it. When your blog's traffic grows, it becomes interesting for advertising. Companies and agencies can come out to you and offer to place an affiliate link, banner or review of their product for money.

You can find an affiliate program on the Internet which suits the subject of your blog, register and place links in your publications. And then earn money when the visitors of the blog will click on the affiliate links and make purchases.

In addition to earnings, blogging brings other benefits - the development of a personal brand, self-realization, communication with interesting people. And you just want someone to read what you have written. And for that, too, you need to promote your blog.

Mistakes in blog promotion

In this section we will tell you about the common mistakes in the promotion of a young blog which hamper its development.

  • Write more articles. This method of promoting a blog from scratch worked well in the early 2010s. Back then there wasn't much content on the web, and the competition in search results was lower. A new article of 500 words, optimized for search queries, could easily reach the top and bring traffic.

Today there is much more competition in search engines. And a young blog does not yet have the necessary factors for attracting traffic - the age and authority of the domain, backlinks.

But when the domain is more than a year old, there are backlinks and the blog's traffic is higher than five thousand per month, then new articles are indexed faster and appear in search results. For such a blog, the strategy of "writing more articles" will indeed be relevant. But again with a condition - the articles should be in-depth and of high quality, disclose the topic and answer the user's questions in detail.

  • Strive for the perfect site design. Among the tips for promoting the blog there is a recommendation to devote time to site design. Design is certainly important, but do not get hung up on designing the perfect logo or other elements. Design tweaks are time-consuming and don't bring visitors to the site.

Underestimate the importance of retaining visitors through email newsletters

  • You've written an article, spent the effort to get a visitor to your blog, but there's one problem - most people leave the blog after the first visit. If you don't take their contacts and communicate, you've lost them. It's like getting a meeting with a potential client, and when the meeting finally happens, letting the client walk away and not calling them back.

Promotion of the blog: the main principles and tips

How not to do, we have already figured out. Now let's talk about working methods of blog promotion, which you should take note of.

  • Set goals for the blog traffic

When you start promoting a blog, you should clearly indicate how many visitors and by what date you plan to attract. For example, first aim to get 100 visitors per day, then 300, 500, 1000. Keep your goals in mind or write them on a sheet of paper and hang them in a prominent place. Checkpoints you've reached and move on to the next ones.

This will help you focus your efforts and not get distracted by secondary tasks, and give you the motivation to move forward.

  • Collaborate with other bloggers

Other bloggers already have a loyal audience. If their blog's subject matter overlaps with yours, that means it's potentially your audience, too.

With other bloggers, there are options for collaboration:

  1. post a guest post - you write an article as required, the blog author posts your bio and a link to the blog;
  2. write a co-authored article;
  3.  to agree on announcing your article or blog in the newsletter and so on.
    Use the power of well-known brands to draw attention to your blog

People and companies who are serious about brand promotion monitor mentions of themselves online. If you write an article and post it on social media with a hashtag or mention, there's a good chance the article will get noticed and reposted.

How to get the attention of experts and brand companies:

  1. Write a feature article that mentions people-brands that are related to the topic of your blog. For example, if you're thinking about how to promote a travel blog, find popular travel bloggers, make a post about them and tag them when you announce the post on social media.
  2. Make an outline of a webinar, a book, a speech. This way you get two benefits at once: a basis for quality content and an opportunity to grab the attention of an expert.
  3. Write a product review or take a picture of the product and tag it with a hashtag. The product doesn't have to be related to the topic of the blog.

Prepare powerful articles.

This tactic won't get used often because writing quality content, takes a lot of time. But if the article shoots out and goes viral, thousands of people may learn about your blog.

To make a viral article, you need to find a popular topic in your niche. For example, look at what articles in promoted blogs have already gathered a lot of views and comments.

Or you can try to improve existing posts: add quotations from translated articles, diagrams, links to studies and statistics.

Next article should be actively promote, or, in the words of marketers, "to make the seeding. Announce it wherever possible: in the profile groups in social networks - Facebook, "Vkontakte", published on Twitter. You can also mention famous people in the niche, to attract their attention to the article and get reposts.

Write regularly

The frequency of publication tells you how lively the blog is and how seriously you take its content. This is important for both reader retention and affiliate prospecting.

Once on an interesting blog, the reader expects new articles. If they appear regularly, you have a better chance of retaining an audience. If articles are published infrequently, at indefinite intervals, a person will come in a few times, see that the blog is not updated, and never come back.

Other bloggers looking for cross-promotion partners and potential advertisers also assess how regularly new articles appear. If the blog is alive and updated, you can partner with it.

Develop a personal brand

People are more interested in people than companies or blogs. Therefore, promoting a personal brand will also help in promoting a blog. For example, the SEO blog is immediately associated with Sergey Koksharov.

Promoting a personal brand is a separate big topic. You can start by commenting on posts in social networks, articles in other blogs that are somehow related to your topic. It is important to leave thoughtful comments and questions that will characterize you as an expert.

SEO promotion of a blog

Work on search engine promotion begins with the internal optimization of the blog. What to pay attention to:

  • Speed of loading the site. The recommended time is 2-5 seconds.
  • The structure of the blog. Articles should be grouped by subject, so that readers can quickly find the information they are interested in.
  • The actuality of the content. Updating content is one of the factors of search engine ranking, so by updating articles you get an increase in organic traffic. In addition, a fresh date in the post makes it more interesting for readers.
  •  Widget to display new articles. Helps articles to be indexed faster and get into the search engine.
  •  Adapting the blog for mobile devices. The appearance of the blog should adapt to the smartphone screen without horizontal scrolling.
  •  Optimizing articles for search queries. This helps to focus the article on one topic and, of course, to rank better in search engines.

Also, getting external links is still relevant for promotion.

How to get external links:

  • Post guest posts
  • exchange links with other bloggers;
  • communicate and give links on forums;
  •  Analyze the backlinks of your competitors in the niche and try to place your links on these resources.
  • How to promote a blog for free: to summarize

A young blog does not yet bring or bring little income, so in this article we have not touched upon the paid promotion methods. At this stage, you invest only your time and efforts.

Here is what you need to consider when promoting your blog for free:

  • For a young blog, the "publish more articles" method will not bring quick results. You need to write and post new articles regularly, optimize them for search engines, promote them with external links. But they begin to bring traffic in the long term.
  • Do not neglect the subscription form on the site. The sooner you start collecting visitors' contacts and working with them through the newsletter, the sooner you will form a core of regular blog readers.
  • To increase traffic, you need to actively promote your blog: publish guest posts and collaborate with other bloggers, develop your personal brand and publish announcements of your articles in social networks.
  •  It is worth allocating time to prepare powerful articles. This way you will have the opportunity to achieve a viral effect.
  •  If you plan to work on the future, it makes sense to create your own thematic group in social networks and promote your blog there.
  • Collect contacts of visitors through the subscription form so that in the future to announce new articles in the newsletter and return readers to the blog.

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