11 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Leader

20 March 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon73 11 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Leader

1. Original idea

For this, a start-up business is appreciated by customers. Offer what no one else can. You can understand what is missing by presenting yourself as a consumer. Look for ideas abroad or in another city. Repeat the experience, slightly adjusting the conditions to the local market. The proposal can "shoot" if it becomes fashionable.

It is important to choose the right time to start the project. If the supply is current, then the demand is guaranteed.

2. Service

Companies are valued for their attitude and loyalty to their customers. If the volume of business is large, then it is difficult to maintain this quality. Even if the product is not flawless, the customer will understand and appreciate if you apologize or compensate for the inconvenience.

If the scale of your business is small, consider an individual approach.

3. Design

Successful visuals will be remembered by the client. I don't want to stay on a boring and inconvenient site. If the design has already been chosen poorly, consider rebranding. Remember that you are greeted by "clothes". It is important for the client to find comprehensive information and enjoy the visual.

4. Price

Low prices work well in highly competitive niches. Focus on the high price, explaining it by quality. In any case, a well-thought-out pricing policy and a system of discounts will help to win over the client.

5. Target audience

Business will depend on customer orientation. It is better to start if you already have these clients. But finding new ones is the goal of any company. Study the features, needs of the audience in order to offer them what they are interested in. Focus on your desires. Whether you as a consumer would like to buy it and in what form.

These 5 factors will allow any business to gain momentum. Analyze, develop and succeed.

6. If you have a good idea

Even if you have a good idea, that doesn't mean people will automatically buy into it. Not at all. How many people - so many opinions. It is necessary to rely not only on the idea, but also on the surrounding reality.

7.You are not providing value

You are not providing value to the customer if you give them digital goods and call them gifts or bonuses.

8.Delighting customers

Delighting customers is not what you do, it's just the core of your business. Live this thought.

9.Nothing breaks or repairs instantly

A business starts to break down when no one is making sure to get it right. Have a look at your business from all angles a couple of times a year. A breakdown is easier to fix initially than to completely change parts later.

10.Be decisive but kind

As a leader, you will need to set clear rules and boundaries. The collective can turn away from you if you do not learn to combine compassion and power.

If a rule needs to be introduced, explain the importance of that rule. Instead of shouting: “Don't translate the paper,” say: “I ask you to print only the information you need. Consumables costs have gone up and have a big impact on the bottom line. ”

11.Take responsibility for your actions

Stand up for your decisions and be held accountable for the consequences. If the problem arose through your fault, then there is no need to shift the blame onto others and try to hide your mistakes.

Imagine yourself as the captain of a ship. His fate is in your hands, so turn the steering wheel in the required direction. A good leader does not give up if the situation is not going according to plan. Don't bury your head in the sand. Learn from failure.


How to become a leader

Charisma is useful, but earning trust is more important than charming people. Sincere kindness is valued more than feigned charm.

Help the team achieve personal and shared goals. Remember that your ability to set each person up for success will help the team get from point A to point B.

Remember to follow your own advice. Hypocrisy is a surefire way to lose people's trust. Never break your own rule


The leader is always in the spotlight, so every step you take will be examined under a microscope. Your moral principles and values mean just as much knowledge and skills.

Be prudent if you have a close relationship with the team. Don't pick favorites and treat everyone the same. Behave decisively instead of being in constant doubt. It is important to defend your decisions, but not to become a despot. Gather information, listen to different opinions, and set aside time for discussion. If the time is up, it's time to make a firm decision.

Let's say you and your friends are arguing about what to do tonight. Everyone offers something of their own and rejects other people's ideas. Then one of you gets up and says, "Guys, we're going to do the next one today." He saw that the situation required intervention and took responsibility

Sometimes you need to make decisions on your own, and sometimes you need to listen to the opinions of other people. Ask yourself, “Is it morally wrong to make a single decision? Do you need to make a decision right now or is there time to discuss the issue?"

Be flexible and learn to change your mind when new information becomes known.

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