How to boost sales with promotions and discounts

How to boost sales with promotions and discounts

Promotions are a great tool for increasing sales. During our time working with client projects, we've compiled a list of recommendations for making promotions work. Read it below.

Popular types of promotions

  • Discount promotions

This is when we offer a discount on a particular product or service. It's best not to make the discount less than 15%. To discounts of 5-10%, in our experience, users react sluggishly.

If you have fixed prices, then in the description of the action indicate the price before (crossed out). And the price of the action, in large. If the savings are substantial, you can add another figure - how much money the buyer will save by buying this service or product now.

  • Stocks with a gift

Discount promotions work worse now than they did 5-10 years ago. There are too many companies that, before they do a 30% discount, increase the price by 50%. This undermines customer confidence. They stop trusting promotions. There are even people who, on principle, don't take anything at a discount. "I always pay full price!" - they say.

  • Now promotions work better when something is offered as a gift

For example, in the theme of custom kitchens, it could be a hood or sink. For a beauty salon: a free consultation with a cosmetologist, a cosmetics kit, a certificate for a procedure.
Action with a return of bonus points, discount cards,

We organize a loyalty program and issue discount cards. After each purchase, we credit the card with bonuses. Subsequently, these bonuses are used by clients to pay for services or extended service. We come across examples of such promotions every day: chain supermarkets, electronics stores, bookstores, etc.

  • Lotteries and contests

For example, all customers who manage to buy a certain product or service by the end of the month will take part in a lottery. The main prize is a tour to Europe.

  • Promo codes

Especially effective for internet-shops. We issue promo codes and distribute them in social networks and on special sites 

To increase interest, you can distribute a promo code as a "secret discount for organization employees only".

The main rule of promotions. Time limit.

Customers will buy from you if they feel they can miss out on their benefits. This can be achieved by limiting the action in time. But it's better not to make the duration of the action more than 1 month.

Users should understand that they are lucky and that already in a week or a couple of days the action will finish and they will miss their chance.

  • Discount of 25%. Only until the end of the month. There are 8 days left until the end of the promotion.

Countdown counters work effectively on sites. By placing the counter, you can raise the page conversion rate by 2-3 times.

How to make a campaign on the site

  1. Place information about the action as noticeably as possible. 
  2. Make a big banner on the main page. 
  3. And a separate page in a special section "Promotions".  
  4. And be sure to place information about the action on a page of service or product that we offer. This is often forgotten. But when a user enters from a search or through advertising on a service page, then further it may be that he will study the information and leave the site without going to the home page and the section of the action. And accordingly, without learning anything about our offer.
  5. At each stage of communicating to the client that we need from him. 
  6. We place a bright button on the promo banner: "Learn more", "Choose a product", "Go to description", etc.
  7. From the main page by clicking on the banner guides the user directly to the section with the product if the action is simple (15% discount on a particular service).
  8. Or lead to a separate page with a description of the action if it is complex - it can not be described in several sentences, it has many conditions or if it is a competition.
  9. In this case on a separate page of the action also place a link or button - choose a product, sign up for the service, call to make an appointment.
  10. Check that the information about the action is neat and noticeable when viewing the site from smartphones.

How to promote a promotion

  • Announce the campaign on social networks. For example, we add a post about the action at the top of the group "VKontakte". Add brief information in the description and start targeting advertising by subscribers and the target audience.  
  • Add information about it to Yandex.Direct and Google.Adwords ads. If you are running contextual advertising campaigns, you can add information about the campaign to your ads.
  • Set up retargeting with information about the campaign and the fact that it will end soon. Users who have already been on the site "catching up" with our ads with information that they have little time left to buy on the campaign. 
  • We start an e-mail or SMS mailing about the campaign. If you have a customer base, then send out information on it.
  • We use traditional offline advertising: radio, TV, distribution of leaflets. In some areas of traditional advertising works quite well.
  • Banner ads on thematic portals and forums. If your topic is popular portals or forums, you can place information there by agreeing with the owners.

Gamification - introducing a game element into the process of receiving

For example, offer the user to win them in a small game. Or pull the lever of a one-armed bandit on the promotion page. Or erase one of the three fields of choice.

The amount of discount we give out at random, for example, from 12 to 20%.

In this case, some cunning users will enter from different devices and browsers to win the maximum discount. This suits us fine: the more they try, the more they get involved.

To wrap it up

All the conditions of the promotions and contests should definitely be met, and then post photos of the smiling winners on social media and on the website. In this case, each next promotion will be more successful than the previous one.