How to attract customers with gifts

How to attract customers with gifts

Just 10-15 years ago corporate gifts for customers have just appeared, and at first seemed to be something innovative and non-standard. Now, in order to attract new customers and not to forget about the regular ones, even small firms are advised to develop and produce their own unique gifts, capable of becoming a business card of the brand.

What to present to the client is another question, it is no less important. Original corporate souvenir today - a real work of design art - it can be bright, memorable and at the same time practical.

The cost of gifts to customers in this case logically increases, but with proper execution, the buyer, employee or business partner will be satisfied, and all the investments in the production will return a higher profit.

What do you need presents for your customers?

Corporate souvenir today meets several groups of purposes:

  • To increase brand recognition - any self-respecting company develops a logo, corporate colors and visual design of its own products.
  • It is important for staff, customers and potential partners to maintain points of contact with the brand name and its corporate symbols.
  • Visualize the concept of the company - its advertising slogans, areas of activity, socially significant projects. In recent years, the fight for ecology has become a trend, regardless of the brand profile, and goods are also well reflected in charity events, launched with the support of the company.
  • To inform the target audience - just put the address with the phone number on the gift so that the souvenir becomes a kind of extended "business card".
  • Introduce new products - promotional gifts often promote new products in the range, so why not design the presentation in the original product.
  • Launch a flash mob in social networks - add a hashtag next to the logo with the name of the brand, and the company will save significantly on promotion on the Internet. Today's shoppers are happy to join such promotions.
  • Apologize for a mistake - it is not uncommon for a customer to refuse the company's services through no fault of their own. In this case, a gift will help the brand "save face" by taking the first step toward restoring cooperation.
  • Offer "dessert on the house" - it's always nice to get an unexpected free bonus to the purchase.
  • Give the customer a so-called "live touch" - this is especially true for large online stores that add branded merchandise to the delivered order.

What customer gifts are considered successful

A customer gift is a peculiar thing; it always has challenges, the first level of which is as follows: the gift should not be thrown away. The next level - the souvenir brings joy to the owner, he periodically uses it, shares photos in social networks, thereby working for the effective promotion of the brand in the online space.

There are a few simple tips on what gifts to give to customers to keep both sides happy, and "souvenir" worked for the good of the business and attracted customers:

  1. A souvenir does not have to obey formal rules. A popular example is the colorful corporate calendars, in which the year begins not with the 1st of January, but since the founding of the company, it can be in any month. So the company emphasizes its importance to each of the employees in the original form.
  2. There is nothing wrong with positive hype. The company won a prestigious contest or all the staff went on vacation and vacationed at the same resort - remind about it by creating interesting souvenirs with the symbols of the event. Humor is only welcome.
  3. Postcard must be original. Technically, the greeting card format is long outdated, which is why many manufacturers treat such a souvenir addition with the proper dose of humor. Format the card as a humorous instruction to the main part of the presentation, beat slogans or company logo.

Do not get hung up on corporate colors. A big mistake made by many firms in the manufacture of souvenirs and merchandise is to use familiar shades in the design. It's better to play on contrasts, to tie a limited series of gifts to a specific event, creating a truly exclusive content.

How to choose a gift for a client?

It is not easy to create extraordinary and interesting gifts for clients, but any product will find its audience if you take into account some specific points:

  1. A gift to a regular client should be as personalized as possible. In addition to the name, it is recommended to emphasize the status of the person, both within the company and in everyday life, to creatively play up his hobbies, to emphasize the importance of long-term cooperation with far-reaching plans for the future.
  2. Business souvenir for partners is usually a symbol of gratitude. There are no big requirements for it, except that the application of the logo is better complemented by a short but succinct phrase about the importance of working together.
  3. If we are talking about mass production, designed for a large staff, then it is recommended to have strictly the same sets, so as not to offend anyone.
  4. Gender stereotypes are a thing of the past; purely feminine and masculine souvenirs are losing their relevance every year, causing boredom rather than positive emotions.
  5. Gifts to customers for birthdays are advised to choose the most remote from the work subject. On a personal holiday, a person wants to get a little more fun, and it is not always associated even with their favorite company.
  6. In the trend - sets of several small, but functional items, if we are talking about a serious gift with a cost above average. A minimum of three items is much better than one, and something is sure to come in handy.
  7. Only give edibles as an addition to the item - a drink to a signature mug, chocolate and candy to a tea pair, etc.
  8. "Contrasting" the cost of the set is not a bad way to control the budget while staying positive. Attaching a cheap accessory to an expensive exclusive item is an original move, and the more obvious the difference in price, the stronger the impression.
  9. Functionality is put in the first place. Useless pens and notepads in most situations are displaced by things that can be used in everyday life.


Corporate gift for customers - a great opportunity to raise brand awareness and to take relationships with customers to the next level.

A business partner will appreciate presents that are both personal in nature and unusual mass souvenirs designed for all employees.

Any gifts, regardless of the cost, should cause only positive emotions and be as functional as possible.

A healthy dose of humor is the best strategy.

It is not necessary to divide the gifts on the male and female - in today's reality it is at least untactful, it is better to focus on the hobbies of the person.

Cards can be given, but with a considered creative design and as an integral part of the main part. 

Sets of several things always win over single gifts. The recipient is sure to be imbued with at least one item from the set, and will actively use it in everyday life.

Do not limit yourself to formal rules - break expectations, arrange surprises, approach the creation of the product as unconventional as possible.

Effective gifts to customers can trigger activity on the Internet - add the author's hashtag under the logo and follow the social networks.

Be original with your packaging, it does not necessarily have to be expensive, but bright and memorable - for sure.