19 Ecommerce Business Ideas: What To Sell In 2022

19 Ecommerce Business Ideas: What To Sell In 2022

This is your year! Online shopping and online sales through social media have become more popular than ever before. Every day more and more people want to shop from their couch instead of jostling in stores and standing in line at supermarkets. In 2022, there will be 2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide.

The pandemic has added fuel to the fire. Visiting crowded places today is also dangerous, which is why online shopping is growing at a fantastic rate. So why not make lemonade out of lemons and open a successful online store in a time of crisis?

1. Eco-friendly versions of everyday products

Today everything natural is in fashion. There are more and more news stories online about the harms of chemicals and plastic, and so people are slowly switching over to organic products. They are no longer grabbing everything from the shelves in a row, and carefully read the composition.

Biodegradable garbage bags, reusable diapers and bamboo toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular every day. In fact, bamboo is trending today. It grows quickly without pesticides, has antibacterial properties, and is biodegradable.

2. Natural products for feminine hygiene

This niche has low competition right now, and demand is growing every day. Women at a conscious age can no longer afford to use whatever they can get their hands on. Experiments have been done and women's illnesses have been tested on themselves.

The first in this field was the company Honey Pot, which offers natural personal care products based on plants. The brand produces herbal tampons with a cooling and soothing effect, cotton pads impregnated with essential oils, and feminine wipes that maintain the pH of the skin.

3. Disinfectants are the real bestseller of 2020

Judging by the global environment and the growing number of Covid-19 patients, the popularity of these products will not subside in 2022. Let's say more: after the pandemic, people won't be able to part with disinfectants for a long time to come. The use of antibacterial wipes and antiseptics will become part of everyday life.

4. Men's beauty products became popular in 2014

The global market for beard care supplies and hygiene products is growing at 5.6% annually. Stable growth is predicted by experts until 2025. This is due to the fact that men have become aware of the need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. The % of men who like looking and smelling good has risen sharply in the past few years. In addition to beard waxes and oils, traditional cosmetic products are also popular: lip balms, moisturizing creams, facial lotions and shavers.

The eternal question of the entrepreneur: what to sell online in 2022? Here there are two options - mass consumption products or niche goods. In the first case you will find high competition and price dumping, but also high demand. In the second case - low competition and high % of markup. If you guess with a niche product, you will earn a fortune on the Internet.

5. Natural products for pets

Eco-friendly products will be on trend in 2022. People want to buy them not only for themselves, but also for their beloved pets. Pet products are a strong niche in online shopping. If you don't know what to sell online in 2022, take advantage of this business idea. By the way it is perfect for a niche product with low competition. Selling organic pet food and healthy pet treats can be a profitable business.

6. New mobile accessories 2021-2022

Wireless headphones and speakers are trending, as well as magnetic charging cables. Today everyone wants to be a blogger, that's why the list of actual mobile accessories includes LED rings for selfies, removable lenses, wireless chargers, tripods, microphones.

Take note of the top trends of 2020 on Aliexpress:

  • protective cases with a camera curtain on the iPhone
  • fast charger with multiple connectors
  • magnetic cables for charging
  • 9D security glass
  • wireless headphones
  • fitness bracelets
  • LED selfie ring.

7. Smart Home Products

In 2022, smart appliances will become even more popular. So if you don't know what to sell online, get inspired by products that make life easier:

  • kettles that turn on through your phone
  • Floor scales that scan your body.
  • robot vacuum cleaners
  • automatic pet feeders
  • air purifiers
  • sensors of opening / closing doors and windows, high air humidity

8. Organic Sleep Supplies

Along with organic everyday products and grooming products, pillows and blankets are the most popular.Blankets made from plant fibers - corn, eucalyptus, palm, seaweed - are well marketed online. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and antibacterial.

9. An online store for girls

Is a great business option, because girls will never stop wearing makeup, doing their hair, as well as complementing their images with accessories and jewelry. You can sell everything from tampons and eye creams to steam irons and a tourmaline ionized hair dryer in the girls' area. Imagine a hypermarket of feminine gizmos where only ladies are allowed in.

10. Clothing and shoes are the best-selling items on the Internet

And since 2022 will be a year for many at home, the demand for online shopping will increase. What does it take to succeed in an online clothing and footwear store? A flair for trends. You need to keep a close eye on fashion publications and respond to changes in fashion. The shelves of your online store should always have the most fashionable sneakers, colored eco-shoes, uggs and suede boots with colored laces.

11. Innovative Home Appliances

Did you know that laser epilators are replacing classic ones, and tourmaline straighteners are stepping on the heels of their ceramic counterparts? A hair dryer without ionization is considered bad form, and a multicooker without a multicooker program - an empty sound?

People will always strive for a better life, which is why appliances with innovative features are selling well online in 2020 and will be just as popular in 2022. Steam brushes, bubble curlers and virtual glasses are trending.

12. Replicas of things from famous brands

Having a Birkin bag is something every girl wants, but not everyone can afford it. If you're thinking about what to sell online in 2022, consider this business idea. Such goods are in high demand among young people who want to always be on trend. Fashion accessories from Chinese factories do not differ in appearance from European brands. But the price difference is cosmic. And the markup on such goods is good.

13. Smart toys 2022

To build a successful online business and have good sales on the Internet, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. Everyone wants only the new products and hits of the season, so keep a close eye on the latest developments. Smart toys that can walk and follow commands will sell well in 2022.

14. Healthy food and vacuum packers

There is a huge demand for diet foods and vacuum packers all over the world. In our country, they are not cheap, but if you buy the goods in China, you can become the owner of a profitable online business.

18. Corrective lingerie

Women will never stop correcting their figures. Someone in a fitness center, and someone with the help of corrective underwear. It seems that the topic is not new, but this type of product is in demand worldwide. Another trend - bras on silicone holders, allowing you to wear dresses with an open back.

The world of online commerce is constantly changing, and therefore entrepreneurs must also constantly improve and adjust to the needs of customers. Choose your niche, follow the trends and create your own successful online business online. And remember: 2022 is your year!