How a beginner can make money on freelance exchanges

How a beginner can make money on freelance exchanges

Consider whether it is possible to make money on the Internet on freelancing, if you don't know how to do anything. We will give you step-by-step knowledge of how to start working and make good money. After all, with the advent of the Internet, a whole world of remote jobs has opened up, and everyone can find work to their liking.

If you have access to the Internet, any beginner can easily make money. The main thing is to follow the main rules and to follow the instructions. You should not dream about large sums at the first stage, but it may be enough to pay some bills. As the experience increases, the money component will increase. The most important thing - to be motivated and not to wait for the weather, and act yourself.

To earn a beginner on the exchanges, you should study the step-by-step instructions. A beginner freelancer must:

  • Acquire a computer and the Internet. The freelancer's workplace is a computer monitor. It is worth developing the habit of working independently and not being distracted by unnecessary things.
  • Create electronic wallets to withdraw money from exchanges. Not every site provides an opportunity to withdraw funds to a bank card.
  • Install the necessary working programs, depending on the chosen sphere of activity. 
  • Create a working account. To communicate with customers, you need an official profile with at least a few works for a clear example. Profile is resume and business card for potential employer.
  • Choose the desired field. A beginner freelancer needs to determine the area in which he would like to develop. To do this, choose from a list of in-demand professions the one that is most interesting and suitable for development.

If you approach the question with serious intentions, you can achieve great success and a good salary. Once you understand how to earn in freelancing and take the first order, you can become a professional without any problems.

How to earn in freelancing: 5 steps for beginners

In order to start earning in freelancing, you need to listen to yourself and understand what you really want to do. After all, it is unlikely to develop constructively in the direction in which there will be no interest. There are five essential steps that each beginner freelancer must take.

1. Define areas of work

There are several of the most in-demand occupations:

  • Designer (artist, web designer)
  • Specialist in the text (copywriter, copywriter, translator, editor, etc.)
  • Video and audio-sound work (transcribing, text dubbing, etc.)
  • IT-sphere (site development, games, programmer, etc.)
  • Other spheres: photographer, marketer, content manager, etc.

To begin with it is necessary to define for sure what you want to dedicate your time and in what direction it is better to develop as a specialist. You should understand that it may take a certain amount of time to master any sphere, but the income will be much higher.

2. Skill and experience

If you want to achieve a good income, you may have to work for free for a while to gain experience and skill. This could be services for friends or family. The main thing is not to stop striving for what you want. Friends and family will help you understand and maybe decide on the direction. Then you can try to make orders for people you don't know for a nominal fee. The feedback will give you a clear idea of which area is best to pursue.

3. Collect a portfolio

Penny or free orders can serve as a layer for a portfolio. It's much easier for a beginner to find clients and prospects with some examples. It is unlikely that anyone will want to approach an anonymous specialist without illustrative work. You can post portfolios on a freelance exchange, on your website, or on social networking sites.

4. Search for potential clients

For beginners it is best to pay attention to popular exchangers, albeit with low fees. The exchange may become an acquaintance with the customers. When you reach professionalism, customers will be looking for a connection with you. The main rule of freelancing is that at first you have to work for experience and reputation, even for small money, and then they will work for you, bringing excellent income.

5. Take it to the next level

This means that you do not have to sit on the stock exchanges for a long time. Having gained experience and reputation, you can go in free floating. However, even on the stock exchange, with a high reputation and reviews, you can already get good money. Many customers will be happy to give you the order. By gaining knowledge, experience and customers you can expand the boundaries of the job search:

  1. Create your own website or blog. Getting a lot of visitors and feedback, you can monetize profits from projects.
  2. Create an agency. Learn how to offer and sell your services profitably. Teach people, passing on invaluable experience.
  3. Open an online school. Teach people in a homework format. This will be a great profit.

If you achieve professionalism in any field, you can get a decent wage and do what you love. The main thing is not to give up and go only forward.

How to work properly in freelancing

There are several rules for any freelancer. In order to be successful, you need to choose a suitable area for yourself and a comfortable exchange. Self-discipline is the hallmark of every successful worker. Without self-discipline and control, it is difficult to succeed in remote employment. After all, there is no boss and no schedule to control the work process. Success and earnings depend on only one person - you. A remote worker has no income limit, the amount of money earned depends only on them.