15 ideas to promote your business for free

19 June 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon39 15 ideas to promote your business for free

When you are just starting your business, there is no money for a large-scale advertising campaign. And this is not a reason to refuse promotion. Social media, directories, maps, independent media can be a great free source of early customers. You just need a little imagination, perseverance and faith in your own product. How to promote your business for free?

1. Place a publication in the online media

There are many business magazines that accept third-party publications from entrepreneurs. To be known about you, you need to write an article that is interesting for the readers of the publication: for example, tell about your unique experience, unusual products, achievements or failures.

It is unlikely that you will be allowed to advertise your business in the open for free, so you will have to interest customers carefully using native advertising.

2. Create communities in social networks

Even if you don't have a website, an Instagram account can completely replace it. It is free, and if you use the basic promotion methods correctly, then it is also effective.

To attract users, create regularly interesting content, do not leave unanswered comments, stimulate activity with contests, tests and polls. On Instagram, do not forget to place the correct hashtags so that more people will know about your posts.

3.Placed in Maps, 2GIS reference books, etc.

It takes a few minutes to create a business page in a free directory. But after that, customers from the search will be able to find you, and in the first places. Search engines give priority to information from their own maps, offer to build a route to the object.

Use the opportunities to the maximum: add photos of the object, indicate the schedule, give a link to the official website. And don't forget to respond to user comments - this will improve your reputation in the eyes of your customers.

15 ideas to promote your business for free

4. Agree with bloggers about bartering

Look for bloggers in your industry. A budding entrepreneur can't get through to popular influencers-millionaires for free. Better to focus on small local accounts that don't have many subscribers, but don't have markups or high ad prices.

Bloggers often work on barter: you submit a product for a test, they write or shoot a video with reviews - this is a good way to promote your business online for free. Keep in mind that the blogger's opinion may not be entirely flattering.

5.Motivate buyers to write about you on review sites

According to statistics, 77% of Internet users around the world are looking for product reviews before making a purchase. Good opinions drive sales up 18% on average. To begin with, you can ask your friends and acquaintances to write a few reviews about you, then connect real customers - for example, give a discount for a review.

15 ideas to promote your business for free

6. Speak at events as a speaker

Be aware of conferences, exhibitions, forums that are held in your field. At some events, you can speak for free as a speaker - prepare a speech and do not forget to advertise your business.

7. Meet partners at fairs and exhibitions

A narrowly targeted audience of customers and suppliers gathers at exhibitions and fairs. There is an opportunity to express yourself here, even if you did not pay for a stand or a performance. Most of the fairs are free for visitors. Come to hand out business cards and meet potential partners, clients and get free advertising for your business.

8. Organize an event with sponsorship money

A more difficult option: arrange the event itself and invite market participants to it. You will need to use all your organizational skills to come up with a format, program and gather as many participants as possible in one place. Plus, you need to find a sponsor - a company whose money you can do this in exchange for advertising.

9. Publish articles on your own website

Starting a blog, publishing useful articles there for clients and partners is a good option for free online promotion. To get to the top of the SERPs, you need to publish quality content and pay attention to SEO.

10. Negotiate guest blog posts

Make useful contacts in your field. Add as friends to experts, media executives and bloggers. Ask to be featured on well-known blogs as a guest. Some companies in your industry will agree to post good material for free: extra traffic for them, advertising for you.

11. Make an email newsletter

Collect a database of your customers in exchange for discounts, promotional codes, gifts. When several hundred addresses have been collected, you can start the mailing list. In it you can write interesting articles for clients - life hacks, news, useful tips.

No need to overload with unnecessary information about the company, tell more about your product, how to use it and save money. Send newsletters with news, discounts, promotions.

12. Write comments on social networks and blogs on behalf of the company

You probably read market news, company cases, success and failure stories. You are not alone: your potential customers read the same thing. Communicate in the comments to other people's articles and unobtrusively advertise your services, mention the name of the company or brand.

13. Make an affiliate program

It's simple: you offer partners a percentage of your sales if they bring customers to you. You can give out personal promotional codes so that you can calculate how many customers the program brought. Your clients, friends, acquaintances, blog readers and subscribers can act as partners.

14. Post information on ad aggregators

It seems that classified sites are outdated. But it is still worth posting for free: this is additional traffic and unnecessary mention of you on the network. A big plus is that directories promote their sites, so customers can find your ad even faster than an official site or a group on a social network.

15. Make a video for YouTube

Create your channel and publish thematic videos on it at least once a week. You will need a good camera, a decent background and light, a script for the video. Find something to get your potential customers interested in. You can upload videos with recipes to grocery stores, sellers of hobby goods - to conduct creative workshops, service providers (lawyers, marketers, designers) - to upload small training lessons.

Will free promotion work?

Any advertisement will work better if you follow the main conditions:

Think about who will read your content. Put yourself in the client's shoes: what he learns from the advertisement, whether the offer will interest him and what he should do after reading it. If done correctly, even free advertising can bring good results and increase sales.

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