33 Interesting Facts About IT

33 Interesting Facts About IT

In our age of computer technology, we can no longer do without modern devices such as computers and phones. Therefore, the IT sphere is also not deprived of some funny and interesting facts. Here are some of them:

1. Typing only seems like "sedentary work. It turns out that a typist's fingers can run up to 20,000 meters per shift!

2. Now we can set an alarm clock for any time, while the first representative of this kind of device was triggered only at 4 am.

3. And a little bit about timing. It took the iPod three years to reach 50 million fans. Radio and television took 38 and 13 years to reach 50 million fans.

4. The first cameras were extremely slow. For example, it took an eternity of 8 hours to get the first picture.

5. Everyone knows what "ping" means, but originally they wanted to call it PNG image format.

6. China is an unusual and original country. Skype is still blocked there in all seriousness.

7. The size, at least in the past, was not decisive. In the Apple II, for example, the capacity of a hard drive did not exceed 5 MB.

8. People are increasingly reading from PC screens, but no matter how hard people try, the reading speed is 10% slower than when reading paper books.

9. And what does "Ubuntu" mean, for example? It turns out to be a whole phrase in an African language - "I am because of you.

10. How much do we even know about the first PCs? For example, the QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1968 and the mouse even earlier, in 1964. And here the first commercial "computer" became accessible for the general public only in 1983 - it was Apple Lisa, which even offered a graphic interface. And the very first prototype of modern computers was presented in 1822 by Charles Babbage.

11. 1 GB is not much. But 1.024 gigabytes is 1 terabyte and 1.024 terabytes is 1 petabyte. There's so much space in 1 pTB that it's enough to hold over 13 years of HDTV quality video.

12. People are so awkward that at least 80% of them are sure to try putting USB in backwards.

13. A lot of stuff, like the latest Sega Mega Drive game, doesn't need advertising. In 2010 it sold out completely before its official launch. American gamers aren't kids at all - the average gamer is 35 years old. And they are more willing to buy video games than CDs.

14. The military can sometimes get a little carried away with the PlayStation. This was the case in 2010, when the Pentagon built a supercomputer from 1,760 consoles. The motivation is more economical and environmentally friendly. But the pioneer of online gaming was the Sega Dreamcast.

15. Playing, in general, is useful! It was found that surgeons, previously fanatical about the games, are less likely to make mistakes during real operations. Tired of being surprised? Then you know that for years Nintendo only released... playing cards!

16. The world of the Internet is full of oddities. For example, e-mail was ahead of the Internet. The amount of spam mail is growing and has already reached 97% and the first spammer to be punished was Anthony Greco, who was arrested in 2005. And only 1 out of 12 million e-mails will be answered by spammers.

17. The first domain was registered in 1985 and looked like www.symbolics.com. At the same time for a long time domain registration did not require payment. Now all the combinations of aaa.com to zzz.com are already occupied by someone. The video hosting domain www.YouTube.com was first registered in 2005 and the first internet browser was Netscape Navigator. CompuServe was the first internet service provider to start offering services.

18. Money is flowing online - at least $680 is spent every second on eBay.com alone.

19. Amazon, originally called Cadabra.com (similar to the word cadaver - translated from the English word corpse) sells more e-books than paper ones.

20. Yahoo's Internet service is somewhat similar in name to human vice, if Swift's books are to be believed.

21. Advertising has been driving progress since 1994 with the advent of the first banner.

22. The now thriving PayPal was named the "worst project of the year" in 1999.

23. While we talk about freedom on the Web, only 4% of women in the Arab world have access to it!

24. Thanks to smartphones, people have acquired a new disease called "phantom vibration," and every headphone has a tiny magnet in it.

25. The first cell phone call was made by a Motorola engineer in 1973 in New York, and the first text message in 1992.

26. Nokia, which has become a leader in the production of phones, used to produce ... paper for a long time!

27. Mobile communication has become affordable, but even now half of the world's population has never used a cell phone.

28. One of the most expensive phone numbers was 666-6666, valued at $2,700,000 million.

29. Why does blue rule on Facebook? It's simple - Zuckerberg just doesn't distinguish between red and green!

30. You can quite legally get $500 for hacking Facebook.

31. At least 20% of all YouTube videos are music videos, or music-related.

32. One in 8 American families has its origins on the Internet.

33. Google published its first tweet in 2009. It read, "I'll be lucky!"