How people saw our world 50 years ago

How people saw our world 50 years ago

The future has always attracted and fascinated man. Thinking about it now, one can imagine a world after the apocalypse or flying cabs and time travel. Previous generations also dreamed of incredible changes, but the present did not quite match their expectations. editorial staff offers a look at how people who lived 50 years ago saw our life.

1. Dreams of the 21st century

People of our generation still dream about multifunctional robots in everyday life. 

The developers of an American website called Angie's List once decided to conduct a study on how people who lived in the 50s and 70s imagined the future in the 21st century. They used ideas from the memories or notes of individuals, footage from Back to the Future movies, American science-fiction writers like Gregory Benford, and sketches by Italian industrial designer Joe Cesare Colombo.

Although robots still do not do all the housework nowadays, many amazing inventions have nevertheless emerged. However, in the vision of people from the past, the future seemed even more original.

2. The Magic Wardrobe

A charming dressing room that takes care of its own beauty. A steampunk style dressing room filled with mysterious levers and rudimentary robotic tools is exactly what modern women of fashion need according to the beauties of 70 years ago.

The practicality and aesthetics of robotic technology were to create a revolution in the world of beauty. Brass and wood are best for furniture and tools. Multifunctional control panel, backlighting, numerous buttons and dials are mandatory. The main highlight is a reel-to-reel tape recorder, which is pre-saved "preset" images, when you do not want to do anything, but just sit back and let the closet create the image by itself.

3. Mega-fast cleaning

An article in Popular Mechanics magazine in 1950 comes across a reflection on what would be the most amazing invention for housing to be invented by the year 2000. Fortunately our technology has reached it - it's waterproofing. True, it is not presented in the way it was supposed to be.

The author of the article thought that everything in the house would be made of water-resistant synthetic or plastic, which can be cleaned with a direct stream of water from a hose. Streams of water are not a problem, as they will flow into a drainpipe in the middle of the floor, which can be covered with a synthetic fiber mat after cleaning.

Housewives of the 1950s apparently really hated rags for mopping and scrubbing the floor and brushes for dusting. And drying everything was supposed to be a different flow, only of hot air. It was also believed that tablecloths or other such consumable items could simply be burned when worn or soiled because they would be made of paper yarn.

Interesting fact

The same article also assumed that all shopping would be done over the phone rather than in stores. So not all of the unbelievable assumptions were doomed to fail.

4. Saving time in the kitchen

Using disposable plastic plates that simply melt in hot water, you can save a lot of free time for more pleasant things. This is exactly what many housewives dreamed of 50 years ago. Of course, disposable dishes are very popular now, but they prefer to just throw them away.

But some appliance companies have been thinking of more daring things, like washing dishes with ultrasonic waves. Another interesting idea of the past is the glass oven, which can be started from anywhere in the world using a speakerphone.

5. Convenience at the highest level

Designer Joe Colombo wasn't shy about dreaming up cool designs. His designs often included adaptable systems for comfortable living. "Futuristic Habitat" from 1969 was an open-plan home that included sitting areas with a sleeping box and climate control, a large bathroom and closets.

The furniture was presented in a retro-futuristic style. The sleeping space in the Columbo project was represented by a Cabriolet bed with a flip-top, complete with a control panel, cigarette lighter, radio and telephone.

6. Clean & Healthy Touches

Bathing with horizontal biological cleansing is a technology of the future that still appears in sci-fi movies. In the past, it has been suggested that individual sanitation chambers would appear that would use laser beams of vapor spray that could destroy all dirt particles and germs. Not a bad idea.