7 smartphone features that will come in handy in 2022

7 smartphone features that will come in handy in 2022

In 2022 we traditionally expect something new and breakthrough from smartphones: it is not certain that it will happen, but hope dies last. Nevertheless, even now we can sum up a little and highlight the most relevant features of smartphones, without which it is difficult to imagine your life: the manufacturers have done a good job on the devices and gave everything you need, sometimes even a little too much with a set of options.

By the way, some of them you may not have used, which means that it's time to finally try them out. Here's a look at a few of today's smartphone features that will definitely be needed in 2022.

Shazam in your phone

Shazam isn't a standard smartphone feature, but it's no longer possible to imagine life without an app that identifies the name of a track. Remember how often you use Shazam when you're in a cafe, at the movies, or listening to the radio in the car?

You always want to know what song is playing so you can add it to your media library as soon as possible. The application has analogues, but what is the point of them, if even the name has become a nickname, and the process of identifying the track is called "shazam".

eSIM in the phone

10-15 years ago, it was hard to imagine that it would not even be necessary to insert a SIM card into the phone. And the fact that it would not be necessary to go to a mobile phone shop for it - everything can be done online, getting a virtual number in a matter of minutes. eSIM is good for everyone: smartphone manufacturers, operators and users alike.

Companies no longer need to produce smartphones with a slot for two cards, operators can quickly sell new numbers without spending money on plastic SIM cards or opening new outlets, and users can use the communication services of different operators. It is especially relevant in those places where one network is inferior to the other.

QR-code in your phone

For a long time QR codes have been some strange gimmick, but just for the last two years they have become a necessary and quick way of access to the data. And we are not only talking about QR codes for vaccinations (although, where would they be without them): booking air tickets, attending concerts, hotels, paying for services.

How to find a lost phone

In recent years, users have begun to lose smartphones much less often than before. Especially pleasing is the fact that finding it is now much easier. Plus, you can easily lock or wipe your lost phone so no one else can use it.

This feature multiplies the efforts of pickpockets and thieves to zero: previously it was impossible to find a stolen phone, the data stored in it disappeared without a trace, and the device itself was unrealistic to find. Here's a reason why you can't turn off geolocation on your smartphone.

Always on display

The feature that displays detailed information has become a norm for our time: the screen itself is off, which saves battery power. In this mode, the screen can display the time, message notifications, ringtones, the name of the song in the player, and the tracks themselves can be switched.

In other words, you can interact with your smartphone less often without unlocking the screen, so you can spend less time on social networks and less time being distracted by notifications.

Battery saver mode

This feature seems to have been around since its introduction, and the need for it has only grown over the years. Smartphones have acquired powerful batteries, which, unfortunately, still fail over time and lose their original capacity.

Because of this, we still have to turn down the brightness of the screen and quickly turn on the power-saving mode on the phone so that the miserable 10 percent of the charge is enough for more time. Battery capacity can't grow indefinitely, so it's best not to hide the power-saving mode activation button far away.

Fast charging in smartphones

Probably the most essential smartphone feature for years to come. Not only do Android smartphones really have fast charging, but it only gets cooler every year. Already some flagships can be charged in less than an hour.

Not only does the smartphone charge fast, but it also charges correctly: algorithms calculate the power and distribute it so that the phone doesn't get hot and the battery doesn't wear out. Of course, for this special accessories, preferably original or quality analogues.