Reasons why website loading speed is important?

Reasons why website loading speed is important?

The speed of loading the site and any of its pages is the most important factor that deserves close attention during optimization. Did you find negative results while checking the page load speed? - immediate action must be taken.

In the case of a slow loading of a site or a specific page, 2 problems will arise at once:

Search engines such as Google and Yandex do not display resources with a response time of more than 1-3 seconds or more to the top of the search results.

Most users do not expect a long site load and close the page before it loads, which subsequently leads to the departure of visitors to competitors.

The fact that visitors leave the pages of your site a few seconds after it was opened is a reason for a thorough analysis by Google and Yandex. Search engines accept the fact of a large number of "bounces" (visitors' turn), and subsequently lower your site even lower in the natural search results.

All of these factors lead to the need for regular website loading speed testing. In case of negative results of the analysis, it is necessary to understand as quickly as possible what hinders the high download speed, and eliminate all the shortcomings.

Reasons for the slow loading speed of the site

Before making positive or negative conclusions, you need to check the loading speed of your site using specialized services.

Examples of services:

  • Pingdom Tools
  • Google PageSpeed Insights

These services will qualitatively analyze the loading speed of your site, they also give their assessment to the test results. The test results will indicate the presence of difficulties with optimization in Yandex and Google and the load time of your page, if the results are positive, the services will also display them.

How to find out the source of all problems and determine the main reasons for the lack of a few secret seconds in the site load time?

All these questions will be answered by one of the services I have listed. Their functionality allows you not only to test sites for problems, but also to determine their root cause. Thanks to all of the above bonuses, such services are an important tool for any website owner and will always help to identify problem areas and quickly optimize them.

Below are the reasons for negative indicators during testing the speed of your resource.

Poor hosting

All sites and web resources are "stored" on special "hosting" servers. In the case of choosing a slow or low-quality storage, a negative test result will be obvious.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to test it before buying a hosting, collect all kinds of reviews about the services you want to use, and then weigh the pros and cons of ordering services on this resource. These simple at first glance manipulations will allow you to define "your" hosting.

If you already have hosting, the results of which are unsatisfactory, you will need to change it. In most cases, changing hosting is quite simple, you need to purchase hosting from another service and transfer all data.

It is advisable to check and test the hosting you are going to use.

Unoptimized content on the site

The most common cause of slow page loading is poorly optimized internal content. Its checks can be done visually, but it is better to conduct such a test in Yandex Webmaster and Google Analytics.

Multimedia files: number and size

Each media file, image or video has its own size, therefore, large files slow down the page loading. I recommend that you completely abandon unoptimized files if the check showed a low site load speed in Google.

When an excessive number of small files are used, the result will be the same as in the case of several large ones. If the scan determines a large amount of multimedia, then it is necessary to delete all files that are not too necessary, they directly affect the download speed.

It is necessary to determine the size of each file directly and enable compression of the most "heavy" files.

If compression does not help, then you need to delete such files. Today, most of the traffic to websites comes from mobile devices. Such users will not wait more than a few seconds and this golden rule must be remembered.

CSS and JS files

A large abundance of CSS and JS files slows down website loading speed as much as multimedia.

JS - elements of the JavaScript program code, they are responsible for the animation on the site.

CSS is style files (styling of page elements). You cannot do without CSS, because the site will look unattractive. It is important not to use too many of them and to optimize your CSS code well. If the page speed check indicates CSS styles, then you will need to abandon some of these styles.

Using external libraries at low speed

An external library is a third-party resource that stores the originals of multimedia files hosted on your site. For example, the videos used from Youtube are one of the fastest external libraries out there. If you select a "slow" library, the loading time for all page elements will increase. It is important, before adding third-party libraries, you must fulfill their own parameters and download speed. In case of low loading speed of such libraries, you need to choose an alternative service.

Many users still have paid traffic, therefore, they may refuse to visit websites with "Heavy" design elements. The speed of your site should always be based on user care.


As a result, measuring the website loading speed is extremely important.

It is necessary to analyze the site regularly due to changes in indicators over time.

When you find problems, you can understand whether they are on the server side or on the resource itself.

In case of a negative response from the server, it will need to be changed. In the second, it will be necessary to optimize the content, scripts, styles and large elements of your site.

While trying to achieve the maximum upload speed in Google, do not forget about the upload speed in Yandex. It will be necessary to carry out similar testing in the Yandex system, so you will achieve the maximum download speed for your own resource.