Ways to monetize your blog

Ways to monetize your blog

When can you monetize your blog?

There is no definite answer to this question. The ability to make money on a web magazine depends on the topic and the chosen method of monetization. For example, in an expensive commercial niche, several hundred unique visitors per day can provide you with a decent income. And in the entertainment sector, even a few thousand unique items per day may not be enough for a decent income.

In theory, you can generate income from the early days of the blog. For example, a starter publication can bring visitors to the magazine, some of whom will become your customers.

If you've chosen an advertising monetization model, early readers can view commercial blocks and bring you your first money. Many advertising systems do not impose requirements for site traffic.

In practice, blog monetization makes sense after reaching a certain level of traffic. How many uniques per day should come to the site to make sense in the publication of advertising?

You will have to choose a landmark yourself. Consider the topic, project features, user behavior on the site. Pay attention to the attendance requirements that exist in the YAN. Remember, 500 unique per day is the threshold for admission to one of the advertising systems. They do not guarantee you will always be able to work on a sun lounger with your laptop on your lap under the palm trees.

Do this: choose a benchmark, after reaching which you think you can start monetizing your blog. Before reaching the target, think about developing the resource.

In an amicable way, if you are interested in making money, you should treat your blog as a business project. That is, you have to plan how much income or profit the magazine should bring. After that, you need to calculate what traffic and conversion rates are required to achieve your target income.

Set aside the calculations until you consider specific monetization tools. This will increase the accuracy of business planning.

A complete list of ways to monetize your blog

  • Selling advertising.
  • Participation in real business

These models will be discussed in more detail below. There are also alternative ways to monetize. But they should not be included in the list, as a sane blogger is unlikely to take them seriously.

For example, fundraising (sorry, crowdfunding) is an alternative and far from reality monetization tool. You have probably seen on the pages of blogs authors requests to donate any amount, as they tried.

Another alternative way to monetize is a paid subscription. It also includes the sale of information products created from publications in the magazine. This method is even less realistic than collecting donations. Why?

A person is attacked by content every second. Information literally overwhelms people. Publishers compete for every click-through from social media feeds, from search engine pages, from news aggregators and RSS feeds. People have a huge selection of free quality content. Why would they buy a subscription to your blog?


Banners die off and no one clicks on them anymore? Previously, banners really were an independent element of monetization, and some blogs with good traffic brought their authors a good income precisely due to banners.

Times have changed, but this method of monetization should not be completely ruled out. Place a banner of your service or product on the sidebar of your blog. Place a banner with an affiliate link promoting an affiliate product or service. Use banner space as part of your advertiser package. You can increase the cost of a sponsored post by offering not only to write a post, but also to place a banner additionally.


Can you organize and sell tickets for the event? You may be able to negotiate a partnership and reduce the cost of premises and other logistics, but this does not mean at all that you need to go to zero.

Maybe it will be a small meeting with readers, and if you knit, paint or bake cakes, organize a training workshop. For many needlewomen, training in craftsmanship brings no less, and sometimes more, income than the sale of their products.

Promotion of your services. If you are regularly approached for advice and recommendations, it is worth considering such a monetization option as consultations. This is one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your knowledge and expertise. People are willing to pay to get a quick answer to a question.

In order to start making your first money by selling services, you do not need a large audience and large investments. Start by declaring your services on the website.

Sale of information products

Sometimes you get the feeling that there are already online courses on any topic, but if you try to significantly narrow the topic, then it is quite possible to create something that is not yet on the market.

For example, there is a huge number of large time management trainings, where, I am sure, all kinds of tools that help in the organization are revealed in detail.

Perhaps you are more comfortable with the format of an e-book. Even if this is an e-book that will be sold on your website, it will still help position you as an expert in your field. And yes, most likely, this book format will make you more money than a book published by a publisher.