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16 March 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon77 Earnings on the Internet

Earning money on the Internet without investment. Probably many people want to make money without any special cash investments. I focus on the word "cash", because it is impossible to do "without investments" at all. You will have to spend time, sometimes quite a large amount.

At first, the earnings do not promise to be huge. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Earnings on clicks

The simplest form of earnings, which does not require any investment at all. You just need to go to the boxes, register and that's it, you are free to row money with a shovel.

True, the maximum that is worth counting on there is 100 rubles a day. And this is if you work from dawn to dusk, clicking ads, performing the same type of tasks for a ruble, etc.

People put out simple tasks there, you complete them and get money. These tasks are usually related to ad views or ad clicks. There are also different tasks.

Most often, they offer to register on some service and perform a series of simple actions. In general, the essence of the axle boxes is tied around advertising.

Earning money writing texts

Copywriting is the solution of certain problems with the help of text. In Russia, however, this word is used to refer to any work of writing texts. Surely you have also heard about this type of activity.

Now this is a kind of masthead, almost any more or less competent beginner can go to the copywriting exchange, find a suitable order there, make it and get their first money. Not too big, but not so small (like in the axle boxes, for example).

Most often on the exchanges you can find orders for webwriting - writing articles for information projects or blogs. With them, as for me, it is much easier to work.

Although many customers are very frivolous about you and your work, offering to spend 5+ hours and get 70-80 rubles for this and a small plus sign to the rating. But, again, you have to start small. Exchange copywriting is no exception.

You don't need to be some kind of super professional to make money on the stock exchanges. Usually cheap orders for newbies are published there. To earn more money, you will have to develop: improve your skill in a specific area, improve the quality of texts, in general, become an expert. They pay a lot more for expert materials.

Freelance jobs

Freelancing is a hired job that involves completing certain orders for money.

In fact, copywriting is also freelancing. But I, nevertheless, put it in a separate category to indicate some of the difference between a copywriter and a freelancer.

The first works only with text, and not always for different customers. The second lives from order to order, constantly looking for customers and doing a variety of work. But these are newbie freelancers.

More experienced ones, on the contrary, pump their skill in one thing and increase the level of their earnings several times.

Freelance is a lifestyle. You are constantly on the lookout, working when you want and where you want. There are no bosses or alarms. You get up, have a leisurely breakfast and go to look for orders on exchanges or in the same social networks.

Most popular remote jobs:

When applying for a remote job, you may be required to have a resume. Also, if we are talking about some kind of professional activity, you may need a portfolio.

Usually in the text of vacancies all requirements for candidates are indicated. There is also attached a link to the questionnaire or e-mail address where you need to send responses.

Earnings on Android / iOS applications

You can get money for even the simplest actions. For example, you can easily make money by installing Android / iOS applications and completing various small tasks in them. Something like: "Download such and such a game, fill level 5 in it, get such and such an achievement."

They pay good money for this. Not mountains of gold, of course, but you can put it on your phone.

Earnings on your website

You can create your own information project and monetize it. This is still relevant, especially if we are talking about branded projects (when they are tied to some kind of personality).

It can be either a blog or a simple article site on various topics. The level of income will depend on the topic and method of monetization.

Most of the profit comes from advertising or affiliate programs. These can be both CPA affiliates and regular referral programs.

The latter are especially relevant for blogs like mine. You just recommend a service or product in your articles, people follow the links, register, buy, and the percentage goes into their pockets. Not bad, right?

Basically, webmasters monetize their sites using the following methods:

The most profitable are context and affiliate programs. Most webmasters consider these methods to be basic. Therefore, blocks with advertising from Google can be found on almost any website.

Tips for beginners

Now, with your permission, I will give some tips for making money online for beginners. I myself also make money on the Internet and I had to start small: freelance exchanges, copywriting and bookboxes. But it gave me valuable experience and understanding of what I want to achieve.

Don't chase big money. In the beginning, without experience and skills, no one will offer you millions. You will have to start with simple tasks on freelance exchanges or books. But you will be able to understand the whole principle of making money on a particular service and in the future determine in which area to develop.

Test different ways. To determine which method works best for you, you should try several different options. Choose for yourself a bunch of ways to make money and test them. Then you can leave 1-2 and develop directly in them.

Learn and develop, gain new knowledge. Development is the path to progress and increased income. You do not want to constantly plow for a penny on the axle boxes, right? To do this, you need to choose a specialization and how to master it. That being said, you shouldn't be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Keep improving constantly.

Do not give up. As I said, rarely does anyone make good money outright. Basically, people start from 2-3-5 thousand rubles per month. Some get discouraged and leave. Others continue to study their topic and multiply their earnings. Don't give up and keep going. And everything will be okay.

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