How to increase the number of reposts

12 June 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon30

Online work is gaining popularity every day. Copywriters, rewriters and other freelancers work on writing high-quality and not very good texts. Articles for a blog, public in contact or on Facebook or a website can be very interesting, attractive and useful, but do not gain the number of reposts that you want?

It turns out that all the efforts were rated very low by the readers? Not at all. To earn more money from writing texts and significantly improve your professional level, you need to follow a number of simple tips.

How to increase the number of reposts

How do I write a popular post that gets a lot of reposts?

Members of groups in social networks selectively approach the choice of content that they are interested in and that they want to share with their friends and subscribers. The content of the feed of posts is part of the image of a person, and no one wants to become the object of jokes by sharing a low-quality or empty post.

To get your content reposted more often, understand your audience and their needs. According to research conducted by The New York Times Consumer Insight Group, people share content for a variety of reasons.

It is worth noting that previously such studies were not conducted at all. The results of the survey were useful for everyone who is interested in finding their own strategy in the Internet business.

The company was engaged in personal surveys of those users who often reposted certain records. In total, about three thousand respondents were interviewed. The results were as follows:

It is noteworthy that most of the reasons why users repost information have nothing to do with drawing attention directly to the subscriber's identity. In other words, reposts are most often made not for themselves, but for others, because the subscriber wants to share useful information.

It is noteworthy that most of the reasons why users repost information have nothing to do with drawing attention directly to the subscriber's identity. In other words, reposts are most often made not for themselves, but for others, because the subscriber wants to share useful information.


Let your posts help your subscribers look smarter and share as much quality and fresh content as possible that matches your topic.

Let your subscribers feel useful: make your content practical, let it help to cope with current problems. If your article is not only interesting to the user, but also has some practical value, it is more likely that he will share it with others. Make your materials cool and prestigious!

Try to publish the opinions of all kinds of experts, famous personalities, leaders in their field, whose opinion will be weighty for your subscribers. The opinion of a specialist is always appreciated higher than the opinion of the layman. Celebrity names always attract attention.


Social media reports

No one will repost information that can negatively affect their status. If the content you post is uninformative and of poor quality, it will be difficult to gain the trust of your readers. To build trust, back up conflicting data with facts. Refer to proven sources and make valid arguments:

Share valuable information with users instead of just trying to sell them your product or service. If you are looking to sell, you can alienate potential customers with an intrusive offer. If you dilute your ads with free useful tips and other interesting information, it will encourage customers to share messages from your community and thus attract more customers to you.


Interesting fact: most users share an article before they finish reading it. In the course of a study conducted by Upworthy, it was found that reposts are made most often at the beginning of reading the material.

This is best demonstrated by statistics: visitors who have read about 25% of the message are most willing to share it, but users who have read more than half of the post make a repost much less often. However, among those who read the entire article, there are also many who make a repost. This data is confirmed by the editor of Slon Magazine Maxim Kashulinsky.

According to him, reposts of records are often made even by users who do not have the opportunity to read them to the end. It is logical to assume that many people share a post, paying attention to its title, introductory word and attached image. Therefore, the title should be simple, short, easy to understand, but well reflecting the essence of the article.

Where is the best place to place a repost button on your site

Imagine that it is located directly above the article. Then the user will have to read the same 25% of the text, go back and click on the button. This, of course, is not very convenient. So most won't do it. Someone will probably search for buttons at the very bottom of the article, but if they don't find them, they will leave the site and not make a repost.

It is very easy to solve this problem:the buttons for the repost should be placed at the beginning of the material, and under the article, and, preferably, on the side, on the fixed panel. This will allow you to reach everyone: those who share the article after reading only the title, and those who hurry to repost the material, barely reaching half, and those who thoroughly read before telling their friends about the article.

Communication with users

Feel free to invite users to share your post. Thus, In the social network Twitter, a study was conducted to find out how the number of retweets will change if you ask for it. It turned out that a simple request increased the number of user responses fourfold.

You can increase the reposting of your posts by 40% if you ask your readers to spread the word. If your content is really high-quality, you have every right to do so.

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