The complete guide to virtual reality

20 March 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon68 The complete guide to virtual reality

Who is a VR Architect?

Before understanding who a virtual world designer is, let's talk about VR design. VR design is the creation of a simulated (virtual) world in which people can immerse themselves using VR glasses and other devices.

A virtual reality designer is a specialist who uses virtual reality to simulate the interaction of a user and complex objects or services with each other and with the user.

Among the advantages of this profession, it is worth highlighting the high salary and demand. Another benefit is that it is a great job for creative people. But the disadvantage can be considered an irregular work schedule.

What can a virtual reality designer do?

Currently, there are very few establishments capable of producing VR specialists. Therefore, game development companies, film concerns or film studios are ready to take and train specialists from scratch.

If we consider professional skills, then a designer of virtual worlds should be excellent:

What does virtual reality give?

What does virtual reality give?

Before VR technology was developed and implemented in our work, we constantly faced a typical problem: the client was not sure of the solution we proposed.

Interior design software provided a lot of convenience compared to a pencil and ruler, but it was not the key to success. The customer, interacting with the Contractor, is not always familiar with the computer product, does not understand the designations in the drawings, does not feel whether the furniture is rationally placed in space. He has to rely on the experience of the designers, his own attentiveness and foresight.

What solution to the problem do we offer?

Of course, we can beautifully explain, describe, present a design project in a tasty way. But part of it is a kind of deception. In fact, the designer persuades the client to implement his planning solution. With a new approach, we leave the choice for the client. It is enough for the client to put on glasses, plunge into the recreated reality and understand whether he wants to live in it or not.

Most of the Customers do not perceive two-dimensional drawings, do not immerse themselves in the essence of the project, and in practice an unpleasant situation may arise. The project is ready, visualization, repairs are being done, then the customer gets into the finished interior and begins to notice the nuances. The door does not open very comfortably, the shelf is placed high, the sink is small... All this leads the Customer to the thought: if he had seen it beforehand, he would have wanted to make changes.

In order to immerse the customer in the future, we use modern technologies. We recreate its interior in a virtual model. And before the visualization process begins, we give the opportunity to walk, evaluate and feel the space.

Today virtual reality makes it possible to almost completely immerse a person in the interior. In a person wearing virtual reality glasses, the space interacts with the interior so much that you can not only change the color of the walls, notes and turn on the light, but move the chair away from the table.

Yes, it is impossible to get into the future. But you can see it. With a virtual model!

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