Website promotion methods: what is relevant?

11 March 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon86 Website promotion methods: what is relevant?

SEO promotion

Search engine optimization is considered the most effective way in the long term development of the project. When pages are displayed in the TOP of search engines, the resource receives a constant stream of traffic, brand awareness increases, and sales grow.

The essence of SEO is the comprehensive development of a web project and the promotion of pages for key queries in search engines.

Contextual advertising

Contextual ads are displayed in the ad units of the search page and are determined by the subject of the search query. Contextual advertising allows you to quickly get traffic, which is why it is often used immediately after launching a project on the network.

Of the advantages of context, it is worth highlighting:

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting:

Typically, contextual ads are used to promote commercial-type sites in Yandex and Google: landing pages and online stores, for which, according to the owners, there is no point or time to focus on SEO.

Social media promotion

SMM or promotion using social networks allows you to form a subscription base and increase traffic to the website being promoted. The main advantages of SMM: direct contact and receiving feedback from the target audience, as well as the ability to achieve results even with a limited budget.

The most popular methods of promotion using SMM: targeting and advertising in groups or communities. Let's consider both options in more detail.

Targeted advertising

Targeting promotion involves showing ads to a given audience, which can be segmented by the following parameters:

The available parameters for the target are directly determined by the volume of the database that a blog or social network collects about its users. The ability to customize the target, for example, for Vkontakte and Instagram will be different.

In fact, social targeting. networks is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly launch sales at the start of the project and get stable traffic to the promoted site after the formation of a subscription base and brand reputation.

Advertising in groups and communities

Buying ads from bloggers, thematic communities and publics is a quick way to attract large amounts of traffic. When choosing this method of promotion, you need to determine the "opinion leader" - a media person or a public, reflecting the interests of their subscribers, which are as similar as possible to the portrait of your target audience. The cost, as well as the effectiveness of promotion, directly depend on the activity and reputation of the "opinion leader", as well as the volume of the subscription base.

Display advertising

The essence of display advertising is the spectacular perception or interactive interaction of the user with commercial information. The types and technologies of website promotion using display advertising are as follows:

Display advertising allows you to increase your brand's visibility on the Internet. This promotion method is aimed at working with a cold audience and is necessary for generating demand, even suitable for selling narrow-profile goods. The main thing is to choose the right site and be creative in the development of advertising material.

Advertising on external resources

This method involves posting news, informational articles and press releases in online media or thematic authoritative publications. The main task is to provide an informational reason for mentioning the promoted brand or its products among the target audience of the media or other portal.


There is only one lack of advertising on external resources - huge requirements are imposed on the quality of published materials. The higher the authority of the portal providing the hosting service, the more practical value the published content should have.

What method of website promotion should you choose?

We have listed the most common methods of website promotion and customer acquisition on the Internet. Briefly summarizing, we can say that:

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