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10 March 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon93 Search Engine Optimization 2021

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a comprehensive development and promotion of a website to reach the first positions in search engine results.

The higher a site is in Google search results, the more people it attracts to the site. Therefore, works on:

SEO optimization has two main components: internal and external. It is important that both are given sufficient attention, otherwise effective promotion cannot be achieved.

Internal optimization

As part of the implementation of this component of SEO, the state of the site improves, and as a result, it moves up in the search engine results. For internal optimization, it is necessary to carry out the following work:

There is a little secret. Images for placement on the site can be optimized using Photoshop tools. Select "Save for web" from the menu, and this will save you two problems at once:

External optimization

Ten years ago, such optimization consisted only in the accumulation of links, but now much more careful and delicate work is needed with the use of new tools that meet the requirements of search engines. Only the goal has not changed - to gain link mass.

As part of external optimization, the following works are carried out:

Taking these measures, it is possible to analyze in parallel how competing resources are untwisted. It's worth doing this on a monthly basis.

SEO optimization techniques

SEO optimization techniques

White optimization

It includes improving the site: its design, usability, content quality. Optimization by mentioning the resource in various press releases and reviews is also considered white. An important area of honest promotion

Gray optimization

In this case, SEOs are already using some tricks. The texts posted on the site contain specially selected keywords, which can be searched for by potential clients. Such requests may not look very natural, so the copywriter should try to write the most organic text that can interest the reader.

Black optimization

This kind of SEO is completely illegal, and the search engines punish it severely. An example of black promotion is the creation of doorway sites that are optimized for one request in order to become the leaders in search results.

Another technique is cloaking, the essence of which is to demonstrate to the robot one resource, and to the user another, with completely different content.

Optimization process control

Having determined the amount of work required and choosing a SEO, you need to let him know that the solution to the tasks set will be controlled. Specify the frequency of submission of reports on the work done (once a week or a month) and be sure to analyze them. To control the SEO work really effectively, we recommend following these recommendations:

Bonus - tricks

Concluding the story about SEO, one cannot but recall some of the tricks of professional SEO. Not everyone is familiar with these techniques, so you won't have much competition.

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