Top reasons: Why visitors leave sites?

12 March 2021 | Author: Alina Nikolaevna | Eye icon80 Top reasons: Why visitors leave sites?

It is important not only to attract a stream of visitors to the site, but also to keep them on it. This affects both conversion and behavioral factors. Why is it important to know and not allow it?

For most sites, the main goal is to convert visitors into specific actions. For example, applications, calls, subscribing to newsletters, downloading, registering or buying immediately online. Therefore, if you eliminate the reasons, then as a result, you will at least increase the chances of getting more value from the site.

Let's move on to the main reasons:

Site design is very outdated

This happens very often and is normal for most small companies. But you need to understand that the simpler and more convenient your site is, so will your potential client. I just took and typed a request into the Canadian Google: home improvement services in Toronto. In fact, on many topics, there are such quite a few.

The design on the site really affects and it needs to be constantly worked out. On many of our resources, we test it and change it 3-5 times a year, and this is normal. Since almost all changes completely pay for themselves and give a return. How to be in this case?

Short checklist:

Your content is hard to read

Design isn't just about pictures, colors and graphics. And also what fonts for the text you use on the site.

It often happens that:

As a result, the conversion of the site is greatly reduced.

You need to take into account 2 points to make the text easy to read:

Both nuances are important and will increase the conversion on the site.

Too many ads

In this case, everything seems to be clear. But very often you come across sites that use advertising too much. These are mainly entertainment sites that want to squeeze more money from their traffic.

This is a movie and another kind of site. Where at least:

Often this is all too intrusive and the visitor becomes uncomfortable. It's easier for him to go to another resource. This very often happens on sites selling services. For example, going to Neil Patel's blog brings up 2 pop-ups. First one, then the second. The goal is to receive an email.

In such cases:

It is important to set up such pop-up forms so that subscribers do not show and take into account many other settings.

Registration requirements are too intrusive or incomprehensible

This happens all the time. Imagine the situation: You have completed 7 circles of hell by filling in all the registration data in the online store. Because the goods are cheaper there. As a result, the registration form itself broke down and it was impossible to buy the product. Or, when registering, it is necessary to indicate the card number.

Mainly for the English-speaking segment. In fact, it is important:

First, it will at least increase the conversion. And secondly, you will not lose your visitor and potential client.

To better understand the reasons associated with user registration, you must:

Product benefits are not clear

The more detailed and simpler the advantages of your product are described on the site, the better it is for you and the visitor.

If this is a service or product, then:

The more understandable the product is to the visitor, the more chances he will not leave the site and will take the action you need.

The most common reasons:

The site is not optimized for mobile devices

If your site receives a stream of visitors from social networks, or from other sources, where most of them go through mobile devices. Then you can lose both visitors and not get conversions from the site. How can I check this? Small check list:

Why is it important? If a visitor comes from a mobile, and your site is poorly displayed, then there are not many options. The main one, he will immediately leave him and will not bring any benefit.

There can be many more reasons why visitors leave your site. It is important to find and eliminate them. I.e:

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